How we add value



Employees at all levels need to develop and demonstrate their personal capabilities, characteristics and behaviours. Through our diagnostic approach to learning and consulting, we aim to develop high performing individuals, teams, and organisations.

Our powerful training solutions are customized to meet the learning and development needs of your employees and to help you to optimize your workforce

The Manager as Coach

One of the key challenges facing managers today is being a Coach and Mentor to their people, despite the pressures of time. This focused and results-oriented training gives managers the skills they need to successfully accomplish this. Through this training programme, participants will learn to work with their Coachees to give effective feedback on performance, identify meaningful goals, and to help them develop their unique career path within the organisation.

Managing Conflicts Effectively

This programme builds professionals' capacity to transform conflict, improve communication, foster collaboration and strengthen relationships. Through this two-day experiential training, participants examine how they can build teams and work with others in a way that manages conflict and enhances collaboration.

Leadership Skills using the MBTI®

The purpose of the developmental programme is to bring the key aspects of leadership behaviours within the framework of psychological type. The session uses the MBTI®, one of the most widely researched and extensively used personality tests in the world. With the MBTI® assessment as its basis, this experiential session provides participants with powerful new insights into their preferred styles of functioning and the impact that has on their leadership behaviours.

Emotional Intelligence

This programme enables participants to enhance their effectiveness at the workplace by drawing on a powerful internal resource - Emotional Intelligence (EI). People with high EI cope well with their own emotions, motivate themselves, notice and respond appropriately to the emotions of others, and build more sustainable interpersonal relationships. This experiential session aims to improve this critical personal resource.

Interpersonal Skills at Work

This training on interpersonal skills is designed to help the participants deal with internal and external customers in a professional manner, which avoids conflict and defensiveness. Participants will understand the difference between aggressive, assertive and passive behaviour, and the benefits of being assertive in the workplace.

Frontline Manager Training

This training programme on Managerial Skills is especially designed for new managers to enable them to make a smooth transition to their managerial roles. The programme introduces the participants to managerial concepts and enables them to develop and refine skills that will have a significant, positive impact on their work and on the organisation.

Time and Goal Management

We all have the same amount of time, but getting the most out of each day is a highly individual skill. This programme will enable participants to effectively use time to create more value for themselves and the organisation. Using the various tools and techniques of this programme, participants will identify and practice the skills that empower them to make the best use of their time.

Team Development Skills

This experiential workshop provides participants with powerful new insights into their preferred styles of functioning at work and an increased appreciation for individual differences. This enhanced understanding of self and others leads to improved personal and team effectiveness.

Interviewer Skills for Managers

Interviewing skills are essential to making good hiring decisions. Today, more than ever, hiring decisions are critical. Poor hiring decisions, as a result of deficient interviewing skills, can cost the organisation heavily. This training programme is designed to enhance the practical skills needed to make interviews productive and focused, so that they are able to choose the best person for the job.

Communicating with Impact

This programme is designed to enable the participants to communicate with confidence and impact. It will acquaint them with basic principles of spoken communication and provide practice in the functional language required in business situations. The written module will acquaint the participants with the constituents of good business writing; give guidelines for developing a clear, concise style of writing; and will familiarize the participants with different kinds of business correspondence.

Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming

This programme provides the participants with information on personal grooming and the basics of business etiquette. Participants learn about dressing, appropriate tone and body language, social etiquette, email and phone etiquette, as well as dining etiquette to enable them to interact with internal and external customers with confidence.

Campus to Corporate Transition Skills

The programme is designed to help fresh graduates make a smooth transition from college to the world of work. The focus of the training is on the soft skills and abilities that will prepare them to face the challenges of professional life.

Successful Retirement Preparation

Retirement can be one of the biggest changes in your life, signifying changes in finances, the way you spend your time, and your relationships. It need not indicate the end of your working life, but rather a point where you can pause and review the options for the next phase of your life. Whether retirement is perceived with despair or hope is determined by how well prepared you are for this stage.
This training programme equips you with the necessary skills and planning, so that you can look forward to retirement as a welcome transition - one which offers new prospects and growth. The training will provide you with an opportunity to identify meaningful ways in which you would like to spend your time, plan your finances, and plan your health. You will get to share thoughts and ideas with the group, and leave with a structure around which you can prepare for your retirement.



As the challenges of maximizing resources increase, every organisation can benefit from quick and accurate assessment of their workforce. We conduct psychometric testing to provide an objective and valid summary of an individual's abilities, personality traits and preferred behavioural patterns.

Competency Mapping and Assessment Centres

We build detailed competency frameworks which can be incorporated to streamline your selection, appraisal and training practices. Our methodology includes Behavioural Event Interviews and Job Analysis, to create a focused and precise competency framework. Using cutting-edge techniques such as Text Analytics, we are able to derive high quality patterns and trends from the interview data.
Our Assessment Centres use a wide range of techniques to enrich the decision-making processes for employee selection and development.

Psychometric Assessments

Our team of certified psychometricians can conduct a wide range of psychometric instruments to provide you with an objective and valid summary of an individual's abilities and preferred behavioural patterns. As the challenges of maximizing resources increase, every organisation can benefit from quick and accurate assessment of their workforce. The range of psychometric tests we conduct include MBTI®, Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, Thomas-Kilmann Inventory, CPI 260 , Thomas International’s PPA based on DISC and several others, selected to suit your specific assessment need.



Managing talent remains the top priority for most organisations. An organisation can grow only if the individuals that work there are engaged, fulfilled and performing to their full potential. Our customized HR Solutions enable you to establish systematic talent-management practices that align with your business strategies.

Talent Management

CQ can assess your organisation’s unique Employment Value Proposition, to understand best what attracts and retains your talent, as well as what leads to employee attrition. Using focus group discussions, questionnaires, and scientific research methods such as text analysis, we can design a compelling and employee-centred EVP to drive your talent management practices.

Employee Surveys

Employee opinions provide critical intelligence about your workforce. We custom-design Employee Surveys and run these online, to gather valuable insights into employee needs.