Our Approach

How we deliver sustained results

S.T.E.P. - Systematic Training and Evaluation Plan

Collective Quest ® has created STEP, a practical road-map for all the learning and development programmes.

This framework guides how all training from CQ is designed and delivered, so that training is not an isolated event, but rather, part of a cohesive, developmental plan for each employee.
The Four-Level organizing structure for the development of skills and competencies is


We like to begin with the end in mind, and a simple way to do this is to ask “what do we want people to accomplish?” Before we design the optimum programme, we must know where we are and where we want to go. CQ works with the organisation to help employees identify and prioritize their development needs.

Design and Develop

Based on the assessment, goals and learning outcomes for the employee training or development programme are clearly stated. The CQ team then develops customized content for each identified programme. This goes far beyond the typical approach of adding a client-specific case study or role play, and instead integrates the programme with the organisation culture and strategy for growth.


Our team of behavioural experts then deliver the training, ensuring that the learning outcomes are met. The sessions are interactive, using a variety of experiential methods such as role plays, case studies, training games, videos and group discussions.

Evaluate and Improve

We build measures to track changes in performance so that the improvement initiatives are taken seriously. These can be in the form of a 360-degree feedback exercise done before and after the programme, or other business metrics that are a good measure of productivity at your organisation.